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Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon. Alexa is as a Voice Assistant technology developed for humans. Products like Alexa if used productively will help to develop many things at a time. Amazon Alexa can be used for many things in day to day life chores. Amongst the different uses of Alexa, one of them is in the academic institutions.
Yes, you heard it right Alexa can be useful in schools for many different purposes. Some of the applications of Alexa in academic institutions are mentioned below:
Reading and writing

Alexa is one of the best tools, used for reading and writing in school premises. Every classroom in the school can be allotted with Alexa. Alexa can read different stories and poems in the classroom. Teachers can use Alexa to improve kids vocabulary and Grammar. Alexa can also spell many words. Alexa can also read different stories and poems in the classroom. Alexa can be used in the teaching of different subjects.
Make Calculations Easy

Alexa can do the calculations for you. Alexa is the best option to solve the difficult calculations and make it easy. Teachers can use Alexa to check the answers solved by kids. This will save a lot of time and at the same time can be used for some other productive and useful work.
Develop Your Vocabulary

Alexa can define synonyms, antonyms, rhyming words, definitions, and others. Kids can learn pronunciations of the words and can increase their vocabulary level.
History- It’s all about the Past

Stories make history interesting. Alexa can give all the facts related to past events. Stories by Alexa will always attract students’ attention. This will help teachers to maintain students’ attention, resulting in effective learning.
The secret to make Geography interesting

Have you thought of geography lectures with Alexa? The thought of using Amazon Alexa in Geography class is amazing. Teachers can use Alexa to ask many questions like, “Where is Delhi located?” Alexa will give the right answers to all your questions. Depending on the different grade levels, Alexa can be used in many different ways as per the need.
The Best Way to Learn Science

Alexa can give you all the body facts and information related to science. Students and teachers can ask various questions and get immediate answers.
Quick and Easy Fix For Your Management

Alexa is not only for subjects, reading, and writing, but it can also be used for management in schools. Amazon Alexa allows you to set timers and reminders. Teachers can set reminders for meetings they have to attend. Timers during conducting presentations or vivas can also be set. With Alexa, no task can be missed and the work will be done more effectively.
The Laughing Door

Who said the school is only for academics? A good school is a combination of both Academics and extracurricular activities. Fun and Entertainment is an important aspect of any school. A teacher can bring a smile on students’ faces using Alexa. Alexa can turn the entire classroom into a laughing door full of fun and entertainment.
Alexa can play the song you name it. Alexa can be used to set timers during sports day and other events. Many games can be played using Alexa like Bingo, Tic Tac Toe, Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock and many more. Teachers can use Alexa to play birthday songs and make the birthday more fun full. Fun and Entertainment will make classrooms more interesting.
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